Chemical elements

Mendelevium Properties


Mendelevium was studies only in traced quantities. Main studies were carried out with isotope 256Md (C0p = 28 J/molK, S0298 = 75 J/molxK). In water solvent the oxidation potential of Md3+/Md2+ and Md2+/Md0 is -0.15V and -2.40V, respectively. Enthalpy of formation of infinitely diluted Md3+ ion in water solution is -539.68 kJ/mol.

Md3+ can be suspended with LaF3 and metal hydroxides and carbonates. During ion-exchange chromatography on Dauex-50, Mendelevium dilutes before Fermium by lactic acid, citric acid or by hydroxyisobutyric acid. In contrast with other actinoids, Md3+ can be reduced to Md2+ by Zinc, sodium and zinc amalgam, ions Cr2+, Eu2+, V2+ and Yb2+. Md2+ can be suspended from solution by BaSO4. In alcohol and hydrochloric acid solutions Md3+ can be reduced to Md+ by metallic magnesium. From these solutions Md+ can be suspended by CsCl, RbCl and Rb2[PtCl3].

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